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Transportation and Warehousing

As the foremost leader in logistics and warehousing across Southeast Asia, we offer a decade of expertise, competitive shipping rates, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service  

Service Included

Service Included in Transportation and Warehousing solution

International transportation & Export/Import

We provide global transportation solutions across 140 countries via sea, air, and land, supported by our experienced staff and real-time cargo tracking.


We delivers top-tier logistics services, boasting a vast network of 1,400 Southeast Asian warehouses and expertise in supply chain optimization, logistic system setup, and operations, including valued-added processing

Port and Harbor Transportation

We provide a wide range of port and harbor transportation services from the stevedoring of conventional cargo such as bulk cargo and heavy cargo to container terminal operations

We firmly believe that efficient logistics and warehousing lie at the heart of every successful business. Our dedication to this principle dates back to our inception in [Year]. Just as the National Micrographics Association evolved into the Association for Intelligent Information Management, we’ve transformed into a beacon in the transportation and warehousing industry.

Since our founding, we’ve centered our efforts on the convergence of people, processes, and cargo. Today, as leaders in the field, we’re committed to helping organizations harness the full potential of logistics and warehousing to drive their success. Join us on this journey as we optimize your supply chain, streamline operations, and make your logistics assets work for you

We've entrusted P&N with our logistics needs for years, and they continue to exceed our expectations. Their problem-solving capabilities and commitment to customer service make them an invaluable partner in our business
John David


Absolutely. We offer end-to-end logistic system establishment, including strategy planning, implementation, and ongoing operations. Our expertise ensures your logistic system aligns with your business goals, providing a competitive advantage in the market.

Ompanies are using to drive their digital transformation efforts. You will learn the best practices, current trends management industry today.

Our Distribution Center service goes beyond storage and delivery. We offer a wide range of value-added logistic processing services that cater to various industries. Our commitment to excellence has earned us praise from customers across diverse business types. We’re dedicated to enhancing your logistics experience.

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